Cast & Crew

EVABRITT STRANDBERG (1943) received her breakthrough with Bo Widerberg’s film Love 65, which was awarded the Fipresci in Berlinale 1965. She got her international recognition through her participation in Jean-Luc Godard’s Masculin Feminine (1966). Evabritt Strandberg is active as a singer and theatre actress in Sweden.

HANNA SCHYGULLA (1943) is as IMDB states a “lead icon of the influential New German Cinema of the 70’s and 80’s”. She is most well known for her collaborations with R.W. Fassbinder and is most recently seen in Aleksandr Sokurov’s Faust.

JÖRGEN SVENSSON (1978) is featured in Man tänker sitt and is an autodidact actor.

JONI FRANCÈEN (1985) debuts as an actress. She and Jörgen Svensson are the parents of the two children featured in the film.

HENRIK HELLSTRÖM’s feature debut was Man tänker sitt (Burrowing), directed together with Fredrik Wenzel. The film premiered at Berlinale Forum 2009 where it received glowing reviews by press and critics. Henrik Hellström has besides Man tänker sitt directed the documentary Broder Daniel Forever (2009) and has a Bachelor in Acting studies from the Malmö Theatre Academy.

FREDRIK WENZEL’s work as a DP and director is well renowned. His feature debut is a scriptwriter and DP was for Falkenberg Farewell, which was the Swedish Oscar submission 2007 and premiered in Venice Days and Toronto (2006). He also was the DP for the film The Ape (2009), which screened at Venice Days and Toronto Vanguard (2009). His directorial feature debut Burrowing was received with great praise at Berlinale Forum 2009.

ERIKA WASSERMAN (1978) produced the award winning feature Avalon, which received the Fipresci for Best First Feature in Toronto 2011, screened in Berlinale 2012, and was the opening film for Gothenburg film festival 2012. It went on to be awarded two Guldbagge, Swedish National Awards, 2013 – for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. She also produced Burrowing/Man tänker sitt, selected for the Berlinale Forum in 2009 where it was received with glowing reviews. She is also the Swedish co-producer of the American feature Bluebird, director Lance Edmands. She is now in development with Avalon director Axel Petersén’s new feature Under the Pyramid.